Everything you need for a Haunted Halloween
17th October 2010
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Everything you need for a haunted Halloween in Rugby
Halloween is celebrated throughout the world and each year events seem to get bigger and bigger.
This year Halloween falls on a Sunday so there is plenty of time to pull on a costume, cook up your favourite haunted treat or simply go out and let one of our best restaurants look after you.
The Best of Rugby has everything you need for this haunted and horrifying time!
Halloween Party, Rugby style         
How about throwing a chill-in Halloween Party for friends and family. Here are a few spooky suggestions to help you make your party a screaming success!
Get some help from one of the best caterers in Rugby, The Chefs Kitchen.
They offer imaginative and creative catering to take the hassle out of Halloween entertaining.
The Chefs Kitchen at Hillmorton will conger up some devilishly tasty treats.
Book your Halloween Meal
If the thought of hosting a party horrifies you, then why not check out some of the most recommended restaurants on The Best of Rugby to book your Halloween meal. We love The Carlton Hotel and Restaurant and The Pheasant Eating House at Withybrook.
Halloween Punch Recipe
Try this recipe for a terrifyingly tasty Halloween Punch at your party
Vampire’s bloody brew recipe
1 litre cranberry juice
1 litre lemonade Frozen strawberries Grenadine or Strawberry flavoured syrup.Place strawberries in punch bowl (or try a black witch’s cauldron for a more creepy effect!).
Add cranberry juice. Stir. Pour in the lemonade. Pour in grenadine/strawberry syrup. Do not stir to give a blood like effect.
How about some gruesomely gorgeous treats like:
Cacklin Crackling Halloween Monsters
Cocoa Cat Treats
Snappin Spooky Spiders
These recipes and more are available from the Kellogg's website
Halloween Events
There are some great and ghostly events in Rugby this year from a Zombiethon to Halloween Disco and Karaoke.
To find out more about the scariest events in Rugby click here.

After you have finished trick or treating and ghoulish goings on in Rugby what are you going to do with the pumpkin flesh after the pumpkin shell has been hollowed out and made into monster faces and lanterns?
Make a delicious Leek and Pumpkin Soup
Leek and Pumpkin Soup Recipe:
1 Onion 2 oz chopped Leeks 1 pint chicken stock 1lb pumpkin flesh 8oz potatoes 1 pint skimmed milk 4oz long grain cooked rice 1/4 pint low fat natural yoghurt salt and black pepper chopped parsley to garnish.
Soften the onion and leek in 2 tablespoons of stock. Dice the pumpkin and potatoes and add along with milk, remaining stock and seasoning. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 45 minutes stirring regularly.
Blend the soup in a liquidiser then return to the stove adding the cooked rice and most of the yoghurt.
Sprinkle parsley and top with remaining yoghurt to serve.
Let us know if you have a favourite Halloween recipe.


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