Do you truly value your business?
5th October 2010
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Whether its fire, theft or damage, any successful businessperson works tirelessly to put plans in place to ensure nothing can stand in the way of the future growth and success of the company.


But what steps have you taken to cover the loss of potentially your most import asset of all - you and your staff?


The financial impact of the death or critical illness of a key individual could sink your company or at the very least, put it at extreme risk. Tragic events such as these can often occur when they are least expected and almost always cause loss of profit, interruption to cash-flow, disruptions to payments and changes in control of the business as a whole.


In some cases, the financial burden can be so substantial that the business is unable to recover.


Many business owners are not aware that help is out there.


Business protection insurance puts in place the necessary arrangements to ensure adequate funds are released to ensure the business can continue to thrive through unfortunate circumstances.


No business, especially those operating in high risk industries such as construction or manual work, should be without a comprehensive and effective business protection insurance plan that provides them with complete cover for the death or serious illness of an employee.


Specifically designed to eliminate the risk to the business in situations such as these, the plan will provide you with sufficient partnership or shareholder protection, key-person protection and business loan protection to ensure the company is able to recover properly.


For free, impartial advice on how to protect your business from death or critical illness, please call Steve Valentine at his Rugby office on 01788 840 239 or visit Valentine Financial Options' Best of Rugby page to find out more.

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