A trip to the optician is for more than just your eyes
28th November 2011
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Adults and children in the UK are currently living with sight and health problems that could be diagnosed with a simple trip to the opticians.


Recent figures suggest that almost two million people in the UK are living with sight loss in the UK – a figure which is on the increase. However, this can often go undetected.




As vision tends to decline slowly over a period of time, all too often people suffer through the problems associated with eyesight problems until something triggers them to finally pay the optician a visit. It could be the realisation that you can’t see the numbers on the backs of the shirts at a sports match, not being able to read the text on a TV screen or, more worryingly, it dawns on you that you can no longer read that number plate, even at short distances.


But most, when they make this realisation, find that their eyesight is as good as new after a visit to the opticians and the addition of a pair of glasses.


But you don’t have to wait until you are squinting to see who is who on Coronation Street. Regular eye checks will catch any problems as soon as they arise – and solve them.


It can affect both adults and children, with up to one million youngsters estimated to have a currently undetected eyesight issue that can contribute to some learning difficulties at school – all for the sake of a free eye test.


And a visit to the optician is worth more than just your eyesight. Recent studies in the US have shown that opticians are often the first people to be able to spot chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes in 20 to 30% of cases, and high cholesterol in as many as 65%.


With so many benefits to having a simple check-up, why wait? Located on Regent Place, Rugby, Halsey Opticians is committed to providing the best eye care to each individual.  

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