Press Release - Dog theft from Bleakholt
23rd February 2010
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During the night of Thursday 18th February thieves broke into the dog kennels at Bleakholt and stole a greyhound called Milo.

Milo had only been with us for a fortnight and had endeared himself to everyone who met him or cared for him. In his early years Milo will have been a racing greyhound but when he became too slow he was luckier than many greyhounds in that he wasn’t put to sleep. Instead he found his way into being a domestic pet through Bleakholt. Recently his adopters found that they could not keep him any more so he came back to us to be found a new home.

These plans for a new home were brought to an abrupt halt when he was stolen from the kennels. The police are involved and by a mixture of video surveillance footage from the Sanctuaries many cameras and information from a well wisher who was horrified by the two men bragging that they had stolen a dog from Bleakholt suspects were identified.

The police visited several addresses where these men were known to be but did not find Milo and the suspects denied all knowledge of him. However Milo was later found by two supporters of Bleakholt very close to the addresses that the police had visited.

Milo is now back with us and under lock and key. Bleakholt would like to thank Susanne Johnson and Mr Morgan for finding him and returning him to us.

Neil Martin, Manager at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary said
“We were able to identify the thieves by reviewing the surveillance footage from earlier in the week; as a series of suspicious events made sense once Milo had been stolen. We believe we have the thieves on camera several times earlier in the week“.

“In this job we meet both ends of modern society. We meet criminals like this and worse. Very often the reason our services are required for animals is due to the actions of people who neglect, abuse or simply get rid of animals when they are fed up of them. We also meet fantastic people like Susanne and Mr Morgan who restore our faith in human nature.”

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