Adepteo Celebrate 10th Anniversary
13th October 2011
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This month Adepteo are celebrating (and rightly so!) a phenomenal 10 years of success in business.

The professional telephone services firm are one of the best providers in Rossendale and its surrounding areas, offering a professional and personalised service to all customers. The company specialises in virtual VoIP telephone calls and take great care to ensure that they will significantly improve your business operation.

As Adepteo are constantly evolving to provide a comprehensive service for all customers, they now offer email accounts, domain registration, DNS services, ADSL, Broadband in addition to traditional web application and hosting.

Adepteo have enjoyed great success over the last 10 years in business, with one highlight being the winner of the prestigious Digital Entrepeneur Employer of the Year award in 2010 after fighting off tough competition from companies across the UK. Owner Carl Taylor and his team were also delighted to be chosen as the winners of our sister site's Best Business Provider award this year.

For more information about Adepteo please visit the feature here

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