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The staff at AFG LAW are brilliant to work with. I refer quite a bit of business to them and have received positive feedback.

People Matters HR, Bury

Niel provides a highly professional service. He definitely knows the HR needs of businesses and knows how to meet these.

People Matters HR, Bury

People Matters are extremely helpful and really understand how to help business. A free consultation can make the difference.

Jacob's Ladder Property Consultancy Ltd, Bury

Simon is an entrepreneur who is driven and passionate about his business. He truly will make a success of My Own Estate Agent by utilising the same ethos he has for his bread and butter business, Jacob's Ladder where he clearly provides a service where he values his customers.

Thebestofbury, Bury

It's very interesting writing this review because I am going to be honest about myself. When I met Phil and Kathryn initially I was adamant that I didn't need the extra help and support to grow my business because I could do it myself. However, I can now say with confidence that once I made that step I have seen nothing but improvement. There is something magical that happens when you are part of the Best of Bury - you become a part of a team of businesses that reach out to help and support each other. I am still not saying that I couldn't do it myself, but the Best of Bury make that link to the community much stronger and quicker than you could do on your own. Most importantly the connections they help you make, and the friendships that you form as a result play a big part in building your business.

People Matters HR, Bury

Niel and I have worked closely on a few projects. The outcome of which has always been a positive one, as his attention to detail has been excellent. Extremely important when dealing with people and issues surrounding employment.