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26th May 2010
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Hello from Hong Kong!

I travel twice a year to Hong Kong on business, offering workshops, EFT training and private consultations. This I have been doing for about 7 years now. I wanted to share some of my observations of being there. This is an excerpt of my monthly newsletter available free from my website www.michellehardwick.com -

Well it’s been an interesting time reacquainting myself with Hong Kong. I am staying at a different place (very nice too!) and in another part of town. So that gives me a chance to discover more of this incredible place. I have also had some time to catch up with a number of wonderful people and friends, which has been an absolute joy. The night I arrived, I had booked a Shiatsu massage for myself and got totally pampered. I arrived early as I was unfamiliar with the route to get to the Hotel.

They were so gracious saying that unfortunately the masseuse was busy until 7.30pm and would I like to go into the sauna for free –for a little while. ‘Of course,’ I answered! So there I was being escorted through this amazing Spa to the female changing rooms and sauna. Given a huge thick bathrobe, I was shown the facilities. The sauna looked out directly at Hong Kong harbour! It was going on dusk and so I got to sweat it out watching the lights flicker on around the harbour, the Star Ferries to-ing and fro-ing commuters back and forth between the islands. What an absolute gift! I was truly thanking my lucky stars to be in such a beautiful place. A great way to begin my massage experience too.

So when it was time to go to my massage, I went into the shower. There were 2 choices – shower or rain forest. Never having had a rain forest experience I thought I would try it out. To my shock this huge down-pouring of not yet warm water cascaded down from the higher levels of the ceiling from the massive shower head that was about 12 inches in diameter! Surprise! THAT brought me back to earth very quickly. I have since discovered, these style of showers are very much the norm here. Now I know.

The massage was fabulous and afterwards I was totally pampered with hot Lemon grass, Thyme and Ginger tea, Mineral water from Italy, fresh fruit from France and relaxation music from the speakers! I floated back to the hotel afterwards and slept pretty well after that. What a way to start the trip. Think I need to pamper myself more often don’t you?

Since then I have given a free presentation, completed the EFT Level 1 & Level 2 Training and this week will be doing mini-workshops and consultations. Next weekend is EFT Level 3 and then it’s onto Shanghai on 26th May for 3 weeks of the same. I will be presenting to the British Chamber of Commerce there as well as in a number of new locations! For more  details about what's available in Shanghai - http://www.michellehardwick.com/news.html#britcham

I thoroughly enjoy being in Hong Kong, and love meeting new people who are keen to integrate EFT into their lives!

Until next time - kind regards

Michelle Hardwick

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