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7th May 2010
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Ticking Time Bombs

Many of us have outrageous expectations (I know I have and have had). We still believe we can do everything for everyone. Interesting concept, however what tends to happen with an expectation like that is we become ticking time bombs waiting to explode!  

I read one account from a woman in Dr. Kevin Lehman’s book ‘Say Goodbye to Stress’ who said “There are days when between driving the children to and from school, taking my husband’s shirts to the laundry (“light starch only, dear”), doing the grocery shopping, decorating the school cafeteria for the school fair, and picking up in the house, I’m lucky to find time to go “potty”.
Nicely put.

We are often at war with ourselves about all the roles we play and carry out on a day to day basis. We role of mother; wife; friend; lover; cleaner; carer and last but not least - career-woman. All rolled into one! (Sometimes the roll out happens beautifully, smoothly even; and other times it’s all a bit lumpy). Today’s women are under huge pressure to measure up in a broad number of areas. Juggling careers, keeping account of finances; running families; organising dinner; being there for everyone and generally trying to hold it all together.  When do we get or make time for ourselves? Sadly not often enough.

So what to do about it?
Well the choice is undoubtedly yours... Giving the kids away for a month or divorce isn’t always an appropriate option! Go potty? Explode [and be left to clean up the mess], or try something different that works

“Now that I have it all, I’d like to give some of it back”

Some easy ways help you reclaim your sanity and let go of stress are through the potent techniques of:

  • Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy – to create a peaceful state inside;
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – to change the ‘inner software’ within the mind so that we don’t get so ‘triggered’ by people and situations; and
  • The Emotional Freedom (EFT ) or ‘Tapping’ Techniques as seen on TV e.g. The Good Morning Show and used by Paul McKenna .  Tapping major acupressure points around your face can make a huge difference in letting go of stress and tension. The result: inner calm and balance.
  • Please go to my Emotional Freedom page for free information and more details about these techniques

Instead of feeling like you are a time bomb ticking, you can call your own shots... Stress will still come and go, but you will have the tools at your fingertips to better cope, handle emotions and easily deal with what comes at you.

I’ll close with a funny quote I found from Jean Kerr. I have been dying to share this - to our male readers – it’s not meant to be malicious, it’s to make our lovely Network She Ladies/Mothers/Lovers/Carers/Friends smile:

 “Marrying a man is like buying something you’ve been admiring for a long time in a shop window. You may love it when you get it home, but it doesn’t always go with everything else in the house”

Keep smiling everyone and I wish you an enjoyable stress-free summer!

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