Rising cost of living
16th June 2008
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At a time when we all need to make our money stretch even further than normal we often look at things we can cut back on or "do without" for now. Luxuries slip further and further down our list of priorities but one thing we can't manage without is our utilities. It's a broad term but basically includes heat, light, power, gas, water, telephone, electricity - at home and at work. Maybe you dread the utility sales rep. knocking on your front door at home - they always seem to call when you've just put the kids to bed or are in the middle of dishing out tea. At work they always seem to call when you're at your busiest time and even though they say they only want to ask a couple of questions it's time you can't really afford. Vicky Cutler and Teresa Bushell are authorised distributors for the Utility Warehouse Discount Club - providers of gas, electric, home phone, mobile phone, broadband and broadcall. They can visit you at home or at work and offer a no-obligation review service. Basically they will go through your current bills with you and see if they can save you any money. If you sign up with them then all the services you take out will be listed on one single bill (less paperwork) and be paid on one joint direct debit. If you are interested in speaking to them and arranging an appointment at your convenience then please take a look at their feature in the business guide on this site under the category "Utilities".

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