Property rent levels remain bouyant in North Wales
26th November 2009
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Rent Levels remain buoyant in North Wales through the financial crisis whilst property prices have fallen. Although the news on property prices is depressing the news for landlords is much better as rent levels have remained buoyant and with the current low bank rate and subsequent low mortgage rates the “yield” (a term used by investors for the financial return on the current property value ) is very healthy indeed. Whilst it is a fact that the rent on 1 bedroom flats has dropped as young people have returned to the family home during the financial crisis, good 2 and three bedroom properties have stood firm. Typical rents achievable are £495 for a 2 bedroom house, £550 for a 2 bed bungalow and £595 for a 3 bed house. The smart decision seems not to sell property but wait until prices and demand rise in probably 2012 or 2013, and rent out instead.  N.B. Location, Presentation, Condition and Facilities will adjust the prices indicated somewhat. Coastalhomes offer a free information pack and rent appraisal services for landlords available on request at 01745 369764

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