Grounded! Missed a Wedding in Hong Kong
21st April 2010
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I was supposed to be attending the most exquisite wedding held by two dear friends of mine in Hong Kong tomorrow. With the volcanic ash and flight disruptions I have found myself grounded at home in Wales. Disappointed and with heavy heart I had to tell the ~soon to be very happy couple~ I would not be attending.

“One must also accept that one has ‘uncreative’ moments.
The more honestly one can accept that,
the quicker these moments will pass.
One must have the courage to call a halt,
to feel empty and discouraged”
Etty Hillesum

I will think of them tying the knot with a sunset background at Repulse Bay, Hong Kong.
Could I ask you (if you choose) to please send your blessings/prayers & kind thoughts to David & Shirley in Hong Kong so that their special wedding day tomorrow goes smoothly. May the energy, love, wisdom & truth of Divine Union stay with them forever.

I have had time to reflect on how fragile our system and lives are. We make definitive plans only to have Mother Nature change them in an instant. I remember that last year (and the start of this one) I had made plans to offer introductory workshops for the public in and around North Wales. I had not even considered for a moment that so much snow would fall that people would be unable to attend.

This is the second time such a thing has happened. Time to take note and change. As Deborah King so eloquently states:

“Destiny comes to us as small taps at our consciousness. If those little signals don’t get through to us, destiny may hit us over the head with greater force. Sometimes destiny smashes through the wall we have built between ordinary life and our divine purpose by bringing us to the brink of death or madness. Life as we have known it can cease entirely in such a passage, and yet the arms of grace extend and catch us where we fall. I am convinced we can run from our destiny for only so long before God makes it impossible for us to continue doing so.”

Think that’s where so many of us are right now. On the brink of many changes and new choices ahead.

I have been “going with the flow” in my life where I can - a lot more in fact than I did in the past. That’s been such an incredible experience [and major roller coaster ride sometimes], as my ‘controller’ EGO self was filled with dread and freaking out on a regular basis!!

I think something different is definitely needed as we move toward 2012. More acceptance - perhaps, more flexibility - possibly.. More awareness about what we are doing to our planet AND ourselves? Absolutely.

“You can close your eyes to the things
you do not want to see,
but you cannot close your heart
to the things you do not want to feel"
Carl W. Buechner

I do hope your loved ones are safe at home now after the recent travel disruptions. If not I wish them a safe journey home! 'Til next time, kind regards

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