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21st April 2010
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Kind Comments

I received an email (the contents of which are below) from a client I saw a while back here in Rhyl, North Wales, UK.

Just telling me the reasons about why she had come to see me, made her emotional. As she began to explain, she told me of her past pain. She had had difficulty in relationships, most of them abusive. But the last relationship had really made a mark deep within.

I decided I would work with the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) so that she would be able to release this past trauma and be free.

We tapped with our fingertips on the major acupressure (stress-release) points around the head and upper body as we engaged her mind. We continued to 'tap' as we looked at and released the past.

EFT helps us find - but more importantly - release the root cause of a clients' current problem. Some of the roots are in childhood, others happen later in life.

It takes courage to do this work, but the results are totally rewarding and often astounding. I was thrilled when we got to the heart of the problem and we cleared the contributing emotions, thoughts, beliefs and pain.

Her face was a picture of peace and calm when she had let the pain go.

Here's what she kindly wrote in her email:

“Hi Michelle.
I saw you in Feb for a 2hour session in relation to my anxieties in respect of my past abusive relationship. . .well it's amazing. I have had 4 incidents now of passing him and one where our vehicles were just a few feet away and traffic was moving very slowly and I just felt nothing. No panic attacks, anxiety . . . nothing.

Yesterday was probably the best as although I registered him it was like I was just passing a person I barely knew. It really has giving me so much confidence and I feel very much in control again. I also don't feel as insecure in my current relationship either. I'm sure as time goes on this will develop more. I really thought I would never get over the fear and panic this man had left me with and had even come to terms with having to accept that is how life would be.

I couldn't have hoped to ever have come this far particularly in such a short time after living that way for so many years. I feel I am on a new path in life and I love it. Many, many thanks and keep up that amazing work. ‘Z’ x ”

When I read this email, I actually cried. I was so happy for my client. Finally free at last - after two hours of EFT.

As practitioners, we never know what happens to our clients. Some choose not to make contact again. There is no pressure too either. Some do contact us like 'Z' to share their joy, others come back to progress or evolve further, and still others just move on and go forward with their lives! And that's a great thing too!

As practitioners, we do the best we can in each moment with our clients. It’s emails like this that make all the time, effort, study and training worthwhile!

It is such a joy when someone decides to empower themselves; to take control and release the negative effects of their lives.

I would like to say thanks to 'Z' for allowing me to share this, for taking her own steps in freeing herself and totally making my day!

Are you ready to release yourself from the negative effects of your past? Remember freedom is available to everyone - it's at the tips of your fingers (with EFT)!

If so contact me to arrange an appointment. I look forward to speaking to you soon! Kind regards

Michelle Hardwick
Ph: 07857369619

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