Following your Bliss
22nd January 2010
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"If we're growing we are always going to be out of our comfort zone."
John Maxwell

Many of us see potential all the time. Stepping into those opportunities requires a move away from being safe. So just imagine for a moment, that before you took that step out of your comfort zone in a new direction, your success was guaranteed.  What would you change now? What would you let go of?

An interesting thought perhaps. Surely it couldn’t be that easy...

Well it can be. With the powerful tools of EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy, change doesn’t have to be painful or difficult. Trained practitioners of EFT and NLP as well as qualified Hypnotherapists help their clients to make life improvements and see change in a positive and empowering way.

Together the client and Practitioner/ Hypnotherapist discuss and release any limited thinking that prevents a successful change from occurring.

Hypnotherapy can help strengthen, reclaim or unlock talents and capabilities. Think back to your childhood, what were your dreams for yourself then? Recall one of your “real” moments of success. What really happened before that picture was taken of you? The photo of you smiling and holding your medal that ended up in the Journal? Recall the feelings you had then. You did it! Positive feelings and memories like these can be utilised and integrated within your mind to strength your confidence and self-belief.

Then these memories are integrated with a new programme which is installed in your mind. The Hypnotherapist and client discuss the contents of this new programme e.g. enhanced confidence, determination, creativity, relaxation, empowerment – in fact anything that the client desires or requires for their success! Regular listening to this ‘new’ record creates an automatic response inside the client’s mind. This unconsciously and easily guides the client towards success and their goals.

“The real moment of success is not the moment apparent to the crowd”
George Bernard Shaw

I have been working with a lady on Skype overseas, who has moved back to her home town and is in the process of setting up a new business. All sorts of doubts have surfaced within her. She has the ability to help many people with the skills she has and yet she holds back. With EFT we discovered that in her childhood, she was humiliated in school. This led her to make a decision not to succeed. That decision made at 5 years old had still been affecting her up until our consultation when we released it!  Even though she dearly wanted to start-up something continually held her back. It was like she was sabotaging herself with this inner conflict. Now having let go of that old decision, she feels much stronger in herself and is moving ahead.

I created a recording for her that incorporated the items on her ‘wish list’ – enhanced verbal skills, confidence in business, feeling calm, seeing and grasping opportunities. She also asked to have more energy, passion, abundance, and to maintain balance in her life. All of these ideas have been integrated into an mp3 recording for her to download and play from her iPod, computer or burn onto CD.

Whatever you would like to do this year or this time in your life, imagine yourself in this brand new successful situation. Imagine yourself having fun, enjoying your success! Take it a step further and even create a colour movie of it in your mind. Make sure that you are the “star of the show” and go through the entire experience smiling with confidence, doing things with grace and ease, knowing deep within that your success is guaranteed just like it was when you gained your medal when you were younger. Keep repeating this movie over and over within your mind, and be curious to see/feel what happens!

One of my favourite quotes is by Joseph Campbell who said “Follow your Bliss”.
Is 2010 a year to begin following your bliss and reclaim the success and happiness that has always been yours?

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