Face value
9th September 2009
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Yesterday I read through some homework which my daughter had been set on what effect your face has on people.

She made some very interesting points about how a celebrity can make money from their face and how different things like braces and glasses can alter your face and it got me thinking!

Often, but not always our face is the first impression people have of us when we meet for the very first time.

When both my children were born the first thing I looked at was their face (before moving on to count fingers and toes!)  I had been waiting so long to meet them before they were born and couldn't wait to see what they looked like.

My daughter also made the point in her homework that people's facial expressions can alter the way you yourself feel and this is certainly true.  People often say "a smile costs nothing" and when someone smiles at you or laughs when you crack a joke it does make you feel better, yet if you are confronted with someone who is angry or upset it is probably their facial expression which makes you realise that before they speak.

I have many times spoken to people on the phone without ever actually meeting them and have built up a picture in my mind of what they look like, it's usually the case that my image and the truth don't match but does that change your perception of them?

Let me know what you think.

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