End of the road for reality TV?
9th September 2009
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With the end last week of the latest series of Big Brother, and Channel 4 announcing that they don't plan to renew the programme after next year, I wondered is this the end for reality tv?


Over the past few years we've seen a big shift in the types of television programmes we watch, with cameras being taken into peoples homes and workplaces so that we can watch in every tiny detail what goes on in their lives.


We've seen everything from driving lessons to men swapping wives and everything inbetween but have we had enough?


There are probably arguments both for and against these types of programmes, I personally quite enjoy watching them but some may say that people are being turned into celebrities for doing nothing very much.


This could be true but I wonder did the high profile the late Jade Goody gained help raise the profile of cervical cancer and the need for women to have regular check ups?

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