Spider invasion !
22nd September 2014
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After an ideal summer for spiders, they are bigger than usual….and coming into homes very soon ! Below are a few answers to some common questions regarding spiders.

Do spiders bite people?

Well, very few species of spiders in the UK will bite a person as most of them cannot break through human skin.There are no really dangerous spiders here and their venom is designed for killing smaller prey such as insects.The only spider that we have that can bite is the false widow but these are rarely seen.

So why do they invite thenselves into my house?

Soiders do not go out of their way just to come into a house as there is less food to be had indoors and homes tend to be too clean and dry for them.The reason they tend to invade homes in the Autumn is that mature male spiders are moving around in search of females to mate with.They will mainly stay outside but will take advantage of an easy entry into a house in their quest to find a mate.

Why does my shed and garage have so many of them?

In reality,there isn't that many in your shed or garage, it sometimes just seems that way !They do like to inhabit sheds and garages though as entry is easy and they are not so likely to be disturbed.

Why do they keep appearing in the bath and getting there from the plug hole?

Spiders can't swim or climb up through the plug hole.They appear in the bath after falling in and due to the smooth sides, they can't climb back out again.It may be that they are drawn to the bath in the first place due to moisture so dripping taps will encourage them.

Can I prevent them getting into my house?

The short answer to this is no ! They are small and can squeeze through tiny gaps and if it is cold outside and warm in your home, they will enter if they find an opening. Many will soon leave again as they prefer it outdoors but some will stay.

Should I do anything about spiders in my house?

That depends how uncomfortable you are with spiders around ! For many people, using a piece of card and a glass to remove them outside is the way to go but many people just ignore them as they are giving a free service in keeping down the insects and flies in your home.

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