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23rd July 2013
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Summer Daze July 2013
This year has been the busiest and best time of our lives! Since we took on the garden in January there has not been a week when a team or an event have been moving us on towards this gorgeous community garden we all love to be in. It changes all the time, like the toys in Toy Story it has a life of its own and whatever we do daytime dosnt stop when we all (eventually) shut the gate and go home.

Our visitors come from miles around and so often take of their coat, roll up their sleeves and pick up a trowel or shovel :) Bad backs are many in our garden but from life not working here, we just accommodate people and find the best place and garden job that they can do comfortably, and of course now there is the garden shop.

Almost ready we have had chippies and decorators it is a global effort with volunteer help from Germany and Italy as well as the anglo saxons who have helped dig up the floor, strip and paint, build shelves and begin to stock them with local crafts...

Come and see whats inside and for more info and events coming up click here

STOP PRESS *This week we are at Commercial Road with the Kitchen Theatre from 10am-2pm with local produce and crafts come and say hello...


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