Southsea Greenhouse In Bloom
2nd May 2015
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Southsea Greenhouse Article                               by Baroness Irene Strange


Golden Tulips and blue forget-me-nots in the Sea Front gardens surrounding the D-Day stone, were a welcoming sight as the re-enactment of the Freedom Flame took place with Monty's Granddaughter re-lightening his forgotten Torch of Freedom.

In our own Southsea Greenhouse gardens Springtime is pushing through the shoots of new life in the potted-up plants, frogs are jumping and the blossom is high, ( almost as the song goes )

Golden celandines brighten up the pond and our own borders call out “ For-get-me-not “ “ Come and visit us “

Our Volunteers are in the garden Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Sunday afternoons, sometimes more in the sunshine. We need extra help in the evenings for watering if you can spare an hour now and then...

We also await your application forms for the 2015 “Portsmouth in Bloom” for info or to apply online

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