Now We Are One - The Southsea Greenhouse
9th May 2014
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How many 100s of people have rolled up their sleeves and helped to grow this garden? Just shows how much can happen from a little spark. Important to say that we’ve been very much like a rolling stone since we set up the little prom shop. And that we’ve never been just gardeners here. We are like little Daisies popping up with the Spring, or Gazenias that open in the day and close up at night.

We are a colourful bunch of Artists and Crafters who love to make something out of nothing. Recyclers and Revolutionaries, who want the world still to exist in 100 years, for all the little poppets who visit us in the garden. We love it that we are local, that we can support all the amazing stuff that goes on in our city. Happy 1st birthday to us and to our friends Watkin & Faux & Southsea Coffee Co. Why not celebrate with us all by entering Portsmouth in Bloom.

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