How to make a Halloween jack-o-lantern
28th October 2014
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Buying a pumpkin and carving it with the kids for halloween celebrations is fun and simple to do - here is a simple guide to follow !


1) Sharp serrated knife and a paring knife.

2) Spoon or scoop.

3) Chalk.

4) Tealight candles.

5) One largse pumpkin.


1) Start by cutting around the stalk by inserting the knife at an angle to create a removable cap.Make sure that the hole is big enough to enable you to reach inside the pumpkin.Using a scoop or spoon, remove the flesh and seeds from inside the pumpkin.

2) Decide what sort of face you wish to create, from simple to more intricate.The classic jack o lantern look is a big toothy grin with triangular nose and eyes.Turn the pumpkin around to find the best side for the face and that makes the pumpking look most like a head.Use the chalk to design and draw the features onto your pumpkin or download a template from online as a guide.

3) Use the paring knife to cut out the smallest features and the serrated knife to cut out the mouth taking care not to cut through any features such as the teeth or the cenre of the eyes ! Once you have finished carving the features, wipe any chalk marks away from the outside. Place the finished lantern into its designated (safe) spot and place some lit tealight candles inside.

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