Do we need plain packaging for cigarettes?
20th June 2014
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More than 200,000 children start smoking in the U.K every year which is the equivelent 0f nearly 7,000 classrooms of 11-15 year olds. Around two thirds of current smokers started before the age of 18 so it's important to stop the tobacco industry from using carefully designed packaging to seem less attractive to youngsters, or at least, that is the theory. On one hand, the tobacco industry sees it as a right to be able to market their brands with their colour schemes and logos and they do have a valid point here. On the other hand, governments see it as a duty to protect the young and deter them from starting.As to wether it will actually work is open to debate.It is reported that in Australia,where plain packaging has been introduced,cigarette smoking is seen as less attractive but conversely,there has been no visible signs as yet in a reduction of the number of people starting or continuing to smoke.It is also too early to tell wether or not hiding tobacco products behing closed doors as happens in supermarkets here is actually having any effect.


Instead of having packaging that is designed and branded, all of the packaging would look the same in that all packs would have a standardised shape and colour with no logo, branding or designs but would have health warnings prominently placed on the front of the packs. This would not just apply to cigarettes but all tobacco products.

It remains to be seen as to wether the U.K government introduces this legislation or not.....

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