Beware the Blue Light Blues!
21st November 2015
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These days we are constantly looking at computer screens, televisions, smart phones and other mobile devices. Most of these devices use LED as a light source for LCD screens and these emit blue light radiation which forces the muscles of our eyes to worker harder than they would normally. The results can be eye strain, blurred vision or headaches.

Looking at blue light at night can also lead to disruption in our sleeping patterns. Our bodies cannot fully turn off and produce the hormones that would be associated with a normal sleep pattern.

Artificial lighting is another source of blue light radiation, especially the fluorescent lighting found in many homes and offices.

Kodak Blu Protect lenses are designed to filter out this harmful blue light without distorting colour perception. The light entering the eye is efficiently managed, reducing possible eye strain and allowing comfortable viewing over a longer period.

Portsea Island Opticians is a stockist of Kodak Blu Protect and will be happy to discuss any specific requirements you may have. Contact them on 02392 610710 or visit

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