A simple exercise regime for those who don't exercise !
13th March 2014
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Many of us never bother to exercise, either for lack of time or motivation ! So what can we do to get slightly fitter without incurring costs, inconvenience or even embarrassment?

1. Jog up and down the stairs several times.Exercise doesn't have to take an hour, short quick bursts of activity can be beneficial.It's free, it's easy, it doesn't take very long and it gets you out of breath !

2. Try the plank ! Face to the floor, arms locked in an L-shape, legs straight and bottom firmly in line with the rest of your body and not under any circumstances sticking up into the air. The plank, hated by many, is the best exercise for improving core strength,according to some. Aim for 30 seconds, three times a week and that would be hugely beneficial.The core comprises all the deep muscles that connect the upper and lower body, including stomach, back, hips and buttocks. Benefits include a flatter stomach and a better posture, as well as strength around the spine.The idea being that you work up to a minute three times a week !

3. Start doing the hoovering more - it's really hard work and you can get quite a sweat on ! Washing the car is another good exercise regime, as is gardening and mowing the lawn ! The benefit of these types of exercise is that it gets your heart working by raising the heartbeat rate.

4. Writing with your leg ! Sit on the front half of a sofa or chair, lift one leg and start writing in the air with your toe, then do it with the other leg ! It's easy to do while you're sitting down watching television.

5. Set an alarm - a regular reminder to stand up or go for a walk can be helpful. Putting a reminder in your phone to regularly get up and stand for five minutes or to go for a five-minute walk.Doctors have warned that sitting down for too long can shorten your life and regularly standing can improve health. Standing for five minutes out of every 30 minutes is a simple achievable goal !

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