Say good bye to windows XP sevice pack 2
23rd July 2010
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Hello All,

A Short one this week, more of a warning of things to come.

Reading across the internet last week, i found many articles on the cease of support from Microsoft for PCs and Laptops running Windows Xp Pro/Home with service pack 2.

A few questions are generated by this happening but i would like to first point out what this actually means. This means that XP users who have not upgraded to service pack 3 for what ever reason, some of which i will list below. Will no longer be entitled to receive updates, security updates, bug hot fixes, service packs for .net, office etc... 

so why would you not of upgraded to SP3, well, a lot of people mainly the peeps on the internet who seem to slam Microsoft and every opertunity have already made your minds up for you! telling how it has no benifits, its full of bugs etc... yawn! on the other hand you may of been unlucky enough to own one of the few PCs that would fall over after the install or be completely incompatible from the off. Needless to say there are fixes and work around for ALL of these issues so you do not have to go with out.

The benifits of SP3 far out weigh the cons! details can be found here please read and see that its a good choice.

On a plus side MS have also annouced that they will now support Windows Xp PRO and Home Sevice pack 3 to the start of 2014 giving over 10 years worth of support on a single operating system

For a business this does mean that its time to start budgeting to for the merge from Windows Xp to Windows Vista MKII, cough cough i mean Windows 7! For many companys that are already strapped for cash this is an unneeded turn of events. There are many "other" less expensive solutions and PCs Made Simpe can talk you through them and provide the solutions you need to make the merge to Windows 7 or one of the alternative operating systems and services out there!

I hope this has given you all food for thought any questions or info needed please call us on 01202 830121 or come and visit the shop 312 Ashley Road, Parkstone, BH14 9DF or alternativly please just chuck me an email direct and when can arrange for a coffee and a chat about it.


Clifford Johnson

MD PCs Made Simple Ltd

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