Scrum down, here are 15 audit points when looking for a Local Bookkeeper in Pontypridd - Rhondda and Aberdare
14th June 2011
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Scrum down, here are 15 audit points when looking for a Local Bookkeeper in Pontypridd - Rhondda and Aberdare

Your finances and accounts are one of the most important elements in your business. Taking the time to choose the right bookkeeper that meets your business needs is essential for successfull growth.

Our Local Bookkeeper in Pontypridd is becoming the talk of the town, after their success in clawing back tens of thousands of pounds in over payments! - now attracting newer clients due to ineffective experiences with other bookkeepers or untrained inhouse bookkeeping services.

Below is a checklist of point that you should consider when choosing a Local Bookkeeper for your business in Pontypridd - Rhondda - Bridgend:

1. Are they both Qualified and experienced?
2. Ensure that they have professional membership?
3. Is this Bookkeeper local to Pontypridd - Rhondda or Bridgend?
4. Check to ensure that they run their bookkeeping business full time?
5. Is this bookkeeper in a position to provide a consistent service?
6. Do they speak jargon free?
7. Do they set the Bookkeeping terms of service from the outset?
8. Have they been criminal bureau records checked?
9. Do they offer a money back guarantee?
10. What technical support do they have?
11. Do they have PI insurance?
12. Do they provide the type of service that you business needs?
13. Are they suitable for your type of business?
14. Are they continuing to keep upto date with current legisalation undertaking regular update training?
15. Do they understand the markets your business operates in?


16. Have they been recommended?

17. Do they have customer testimonials?

18. Does there bookkeeping service come to you?

19. Are they available when something changes on short notice?

20. More importantly do you enjoy their coffee!


Please click here to read the full article from the FMC - who are the technical support for our Local Pontypridd Bookkeeper.

If your looking for a local bookkeeper that meets all of the above, who has been audited, coffee tested and checked out by us at thebestof Pontypridd and Rhondda but most importantly been recommended by their existing customers then take a moment to contact:

The Local Bookkeeper Pontypridd


Gwaun Miskin


Rhondda Cynon Taff

01443 888288

See our Local Bookkeeper in Pontypridd and Rhondda on linked in here: 


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