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17th May 2011
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Case Law – Redundancy Selection 

Eversheds has lost its appeal against an employment tribunal decision that a male solicitor, J, was sexually discriminated against when he was made redundant after going up against his female colleague, A, in a redundancy exercise.  A had been on maternity leave when employees were scored on their performance as part of the process.  The original tribunal found J had been unfairly dismissed and sexually discriminated against.  An appeal tribunal has now upheld this decision.
The original tribunal judgment said the firm "unfairly inflated" A’s work assessment scores in one of the systems used to assess their work.  The procedure, known as "lock-up", measured the period of time between the undertaking of a piece of work and receipt of payment from the client. The lock-up was carried out when A was off work on maternity leave.  Because she was not at work at the time, bosses awarded her the maximum notional score of two points for her assessment because it was regarded as the fairest approach to protect her while she was not there to influence the result.  J scored only 0.5 points for his lock-up. 
The appeal tribunal judgment stated that J had suffered a real injustice.  By giving A a notional maximum score, while he was given his actual score, Eversheds gave her an advantage over him which was not based on an assessment of their respective merits, and that advantage is very likely to have made the difference between him keeping and losing his job. 
Employment Law - Forthcoming Changes

Agency Worker Regulations 2010 – effective 1st October 2011
The Regulations implement the EU Agency Workers Directive as agreed in 2008 following social partner agreement between the CBI and TUC. These will come into force in the UK on 1 October 2011. They will give agency workers the right to the same basic employment and working conditions as if they had been recruited directly by the hirer - if and when they complete a 12 week qualifying period in a job.
Changes to National Minimum Wage –  effective 1st October 2011
Pensions Bill 2011 – effective 2012
Helpful Hints and Tips

Pre-Employment Health Questionnaires 

The Equality Act 2010 has made it difficult for employers to ask about health, absences from work or disability before offering (conditional) employment, although there are some limited exceptions.
The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) can now take action against employers who persist in asking health related questions at an early stage. Jobseekers can also seek redress by making an Employment Tribunal claim, if questions are asked at and early stage and they are not offered a job because of disability. 

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