Introductory post from your friendly neighbourhood Personal Trainer :D
7th December 2011
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Hi there!

My name is Sara, and I am the founder and owner of SC Fitness Personal Training.  I am currently working with One to One Gym to provide a unique personal training experience along with a number of group training sessions.  I can offer my services to clients in their own home, in the great outdoors or for those who like training in a gym environment, at One to One Gym in Trefforest.
Regardless of age, gender and goals, I aim to provide fun yet challenging workouts to those of any ability – from those all new and shiny to exercise to competitive athletes.
Just a quick entry to let you know what services SC Fitness is able to offer;

One to one personal training: By far the best way to achieve your goals, whether they be sports or heath specific, whether in isolation or as part of an overall fitness programme. I will ensure you are performing the exercises correctly and safely while providing the guidance and motivation often needed to bust through physical and mental plateaus.  These sessions can be done at One to One gym in Trefforest, at your home or outside, whichever you prefer.  I promise you will enjoy it!

Group Personal Training: Training in a group can be great since the group can motivate and push each other, and having others in on your fitness goals can help to keep you committed to!. If you have a group of people who wish to train together, I can put together an effective program and ensure that you are getting the most out of the session. I also offer a number of classes from One to One Gym, including
 Bootcamp:  Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, 6.30am – 7.15am
 Lunchtime Power Circuits: Tuesday 12pm
 Killer Kettlebells: Friday 5.30pm

Corporate Services: Any company which would like personalised group personal training sessions for their staff, please get in touch.  They can be an excellent team building exercise, along with improving the health of the workforce which in turn can lead to increased productivity and overall team morale. Discounted rates will apply if multiple sessions are required.
Exercise Prescription: I will construct an exercise plan tailored to your specific needs, likes and goals. Whatever your level of fitness, your routine is guaranteed to be challenging, varied and fun!

Fitness Testing: If you wish to know where you stand in terms of your current fitness levels, I will put you through various fitness tests all designed to check your internal and external health before beginning on an exercise program. I do strongly recommend that you visit your GP to get the all clear before beginning an exercise program if you have not done any strenuous activity for a while.

Lifestyle Assessment: This will be talked about during your free consultation. Once you have established what your personal fitness goals are, I will put a realistic program together for you, taking into account your work patterns and time- schedule, allowing your training to fit into your weekly routine as smoothly as possible. Be realistic with yourself also, no-one knows yourself better that yourself.

Nutritional Advice: It really is true you know, you are what you eat - a large part of how you look and feel starts with what you are putting in your mouth!  If you want to take on an exercise programme with specific goals, or just want to improve your overall health, what you are fuelling your body with and when can help or hinder your progress and results. I cannot overstate the importance of good nutrition, as those who know me will confirm, and I will eagerly give you guidance on how to best fuel your body. (and I promise you, it doesn’t involve eating salad 3 times a day!)

Bodybuilding: I may look small, but I’m no pushover in the weights room! (in fact, its my home away from home).  If your interest is bodybuilding, I can put a program together for you from the beginning. With this type of training you are aiming to get bigger and stronger muscles and be in full control of sculpting and shaping your physique/figure. Nutrition plays a vital role in bodybuilding as with all exercise routines, which is something I can certainly guide you with. Employing a Personal Trainer is excellent for bodybuilding because they can motivate and push you further, as well as act as a spotter and training partner for the heavy iron!! Please contact me for more details…..

For a full range of services and prices, please get in touch – My contact details can be found at
I can also be found on  Facebook –
    Twitter @SCFitnessPT

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