How to regenerate your town centre
11th July 2010
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How to regenerate your town centre.

This is going to be very brief and is simple aimed at raising some obvious and simple ways to improve your local town. The complexity lies in the implementation.

Whenever we look to start a business (if it's not a brand new sector) we are usually able to find benchmarks. That is the national brands that are in our areas that really invest in the image, service and operations of their business to get the very best results.

Firstly, What exists in your town? are the shops run down and have the business owners re-invested in their image, service and products? If not, why should we as consumers shop in your business?

Start by looking at what the Big Brands are doing. For example, a Tesco Extra can be broken down in to ISLES and SECTIONS well so can our high street. What services, products are being sold in these isles and sections? can these be done on an independant local level but at a higher, improved image and more passionate standard?

Any business can compete with the big brands, they just have to be better, and more importantly have to:

  • Modern and stylish business Interiors and fronts - watch a few episodes of Mary Queen Of Shops.
  • Switch on to Marketing, Social Media, Signage, uniforms, branding throughout the business. If you don't know it learn it. Otherwise you will waste money.
  • Pay attention to your customers. Even if you have the best looking business in town you will fail with poor or ignorant customer service. Be attentive and don't be afraid to do customer service training. It simply a matter or courtesy and caring. If your staff arent courteous and they don't care then nor does your business. (This is where many UK SME's struggle)
  • Ease of Access - is there nearby parking (5 min max walk), is it free (make it free).

I currently represent more than 30 businesses on a local level. Many of these businesses really do look great inside and out, have the best service and do some great products too - they do compete with national brands but they are simply better. They do it better and they understand most importantly that these are the ingredients of success.

Your challenge is to get 60% of your town centre's businesses to look great and then the customers will come, simply because your business will appeal to them.

P.S. FREE Parking also helps.

The formula for town centre regeneration:

Ease of Access + Great Businesses = Footfall & Success 

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