Bethan's Driving Lessons - Driving in the dark!
25th October 2016
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So to start of this blog, I want to mention that I've booked for my driving test. It's becoming more real, now that I've booked my test and that I'll soon be driving my Mini. 

So last weeks lesson went well, instead of driving around Pontypridd and Treforest, I was taken through the back streets of Porth and Cymmer as they are part of the test area. It was quite nerve wracking because most of the streets and bends are narrow, creating a lot of blind spots. But I managed to drive around them without a hitch. Coming back from my lesson was new as it was my first time driving in the dark. 

This week also went well, Shane took me towards Rhydfelin where I preformed my 3 maneuvers. I still need to bit more practise when it comes to them but there's only a few things that need fixing. Again driving home in the dark was a new experience but it didn't help that on my way back from lesson I had a driver, driving really close to me. 

If you want to start learning to drive get in contact with Awes.o.m Learners 

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