Bethan's Driving Lessons - Double Feature
31st August 2016
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My driving last week started on a low note as on Tuesday as I failed my theory test by two marks but that hasn't deterred me and I've put in to retake the test. Thursday's lesson went well as it was just a quiet and relaxed lesson. Shane took me around Rhydfelin and asked me re-performed some maneuvers but instead of driving back through Treforest as normal Shane took me onto the A470 heading back towards Pontypridd and Rhondda. 

This week was the same as we took it nice and slow. Shane took me to one of the test area's where there's a steep hill and you'd have to perform a hill start on test and I found it easy as I did the maneuver when there was very little traffic. We then went further up the hill into the streets above and I was asked to perform a turn in the road, which I messed up because 1. I didn't use the hand brake at one of the points in the maneuver and 2. I didn't check for traffic which would have caused me to fail my driving test if I was taking it at the time. Again Shane took me back towards the A470 and headed home that way. 

So my theory is re-booked and all I have to do is revise and keep my fingers crossed that I pass this time.

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