Bethan's driving lesson - T minus 9days till driving test!
8th November 2016
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As the nights have started to draw in my confidence in driving in the dark is getting better, so it was another lesson in the dark. So as usual Shane took me down through Pontypridd, down the A470 and headed towards Hawthorn. My confidence driving off of the carriageway is getting better, but not where I want to be. During the drive towards Hawthorn, there were a few instances where I would forget to check for on coming traffic or when performing a maneuver, check around me for traffic/pedestrians but also when reversing, checking the distance between me and a building or car. The rest of the drive went well, a few hiccups on the way back home so I just need to iron out all of these mistakes and then focus on my test which will be coming up next Friday

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