Bethan's Driving Lesson - I've Passed!
24th November 2016
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So last week I had my driving test and I PASSED! To be honest I thought I was going to fail my test because the hour lesson before was abysmal and everything that could go wrong went wrong. The start of the test was fine but as we got to the Upperboat round about and started to head towards Hawthorne a lorry pulled out of a junction in between a lot of traffic and obviously I braked but I noticed the examiner touched the brakes as well. What didn't help was that I was trying to pull of in the wrong gear but I managed to get moving again without stalling the car. The rest of the drive went alright, I managed to do my maneuvers fine but there were places which were a bit nervy and made me a bit flustered. Driving back was fine but I was a bit slow on the A470 coming back. As we headed back towards the test centre we went past Pontypridd rugby ground and up the hill, as we got to the top I managed to stop at the junction but the car rolled over the line which I thought 'I've failed my test' but when we got back to the test centre the examiner told me I passed which I couldn't believe. I had a few minors and any more I would have failed but I passed. 

I'm now waiting on my drivers licence to come back, but as soon as I get that I'll be out taking the roads by storm!

If it wasn't for my driving instructor Shane and Awes.o.m Learners I don't think I would be driving at all, so a big thank you to them!

If you want to start learning to drive get in contact with Awes.o.m Learners 


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