A Wednesday with Nige Botterill
16th September 2010
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A Wednesday with Nige Botteril.

This is a completely random blog. However from attending my franchisee regional meeting on Wednesday it was suggested that we do more random stuff - or maybe this was my perception. SO, excuse the inadequate amount of spelling mistakes as i waffle, waffle etc.

Since i invested my hard earned cash in The Best of Pontypridd and Rhondda in November 2009. thebestof and Nigel Botterill have gone from strength to strength.

Once upon a time, thebestof simply started as a route to giving businesses increased exposure online - in only 5 years its has eveolved enormously and flourished to become THE MOST ADVANCED INDEPENDANT MARKETING SUITE for local businesses that exists in THE WORLD today.

OUR NEW product as a basic offering now gives businesses 17 marketing tools at their finger tips - these are 17 of the 'now', the 'in marketing strategies', that as a singular doesn't really give impact, though as a mix of these 17 key ingredients you can rest assured increased business exposure and an effective ROI (return on investmebt). Its even WOW'd me as a franchisee - all i now have to do is wow the locals.

Anything from social media to video and commercial photo shoots we now have it covered. The most important element - reviews! businesses with testimonials get more business - FACT!!

The biggest bit that came out of our regional meetings - and this is really going to do scare those indepandant and haphazard 'flexible' marketing consultants and PR companies and the www.yell.com and bt's, thompson locals etc etc etc - is the FACT that we are also, that is every single franchisee - going tpo be singing off the same hymn sheet - WOO WOO.

No matter where your business is which could in or near one of 400 thebestof franchisee areas you can benefit from the same core 17 marketing tools that really, super duperly will have an impact on your business going forward.


For those of you that want more then check this out http://nigelbotterill.com/ .

The man behind the founding of thebestof now has his very own entrepreneurs circle. Many businesses throughout the UK are now REALLY benefiting from this emerging GURU advice. I wouldn't be suprised if we were to see some TV appearances in the near future. If you really want to grow your business then you need to get involved with the entrepreneurs circle.

thats my wednesday rant - an superb day with a great new product to promote local businesses with. Watch out RCT ima coming!!!! 

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