Where can I find the best dentist in Peterborough?
30th July 2013
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The age old debate over what is more painful, childbirth or a shot to the delicates, has overlooked one very very painful experience: toothache!

Anybody who has ever had toothache will tell you that it is utterly debilitating. You can’t scream at your partner as they stand redundantly by your side trying to find any way to comfort you, because it hurts too much to do so. Likewise, though you might not be doubled over in agony with a voice three octaves higher for ten minutes, you might be in severe constant pain for several days.

The only way out of toothache, as I found out one morning in Nanjing, China, when I woke with an abscess and an inflated face, is a good dentist. 

That morning, I was fortunate enough to find a very good German-run dentist surgery. It cost me the earth, but I was fairly certain my head was about to explode and that my insurance would cover it - two assumptions that were both flawed unfortunately. In the end, however, the important thing is that I came away pain-free. You see, a good dentist is king!

Now, unlike parts of China (where dentistry is sometimes practiced in walk-in surgeries and can be a rather scary experience for the uninitiated) I am certain that Peterborough has an abundance of great dentists on offer. We are looking for the best of them!

So, what is the best dental surgery in Peterborough?

Is it Aperitif Dental Services? Or is it Smile Boutique? Perhaps it’s OneFiveSeven Dental Group? Or maybe you visit a different dentist in Peterborough and think they deserve a mention?

Whoever they are, we are searching for the best dentists in Peterborough, so please get in touch with you recommendations! 

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