Unusual cuts of meat not many know about
18th December 2014
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  1. Blade Steak – this is a tasty steak that is starting to increase in popularity
  2. Chateaubriand – a highly expensive cut of meat that comes from the rump of the fillet that tastes divine! Perfect for an extra special occasion.
  3. Cote be Boeuf – another steak that looks fantastic when served up to guests
  4. Salmon cut – taken from the hind leg and is perfect for a family roast
  5. Chuck – a meat that is considered ‘old fashioned’ now but when slow roasted in wine or made into a stew tastes wonderful


  1. Rump – cut some pork rump into strips and stir-fry for a lovely meal or roast a joint of it off for a lovely meal for two with perfect crackling
  2. Hock – this has become increasingly popular for use in soups and pies etc. and is also nice when cooked from raw until the meat falls off the bone
  3. Pig’s cheeks – these are creeping up more and more in dishes, especially when used by chefs but they should not be overlooked as they  are wonderful little treats when slow cooked


  1. Belly or Breast – a cheap cut that once rolled up is lovely slow roasted
  2. Ribs – a different alternative to pork ribs
  3. Neck – this used to be incredibly cheap but is slightly dearer now. Perfect for slow cook stews
  4. Barnsley chop – the best quick cook lamb but difficult to come by

If you fancy trying one of these different cuts then why not pop down to Knightons Family Butchers and try something new this dinner time!

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