Do Mothers really deserve mothers day??? The cost of Raising a child...
7th March 2013
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With Mothers day just around the corner, or just been and gone depending upon when you manage to check in for your weekly dose of The Best of… I thought it was only right to ask whether mothers actually deserve a day of celebration??? A day to put their feet up whilst Dad and the kids run around trying their absolute best to cook a roast with minimum hassle to mum. Today, She’s busy! Little Jonny has bought her the Downton Abbey (season 1, half price in the sale) Box set and she’s going to put her face pack on and relax…


That box set cost little Jonny (or rather Dad) £8.99. He was dragged to the shops when he could have been playing on his Xbox, and once more little Jonny then has to look busy whilst his Dad spends the day preparing an amazing (Slightly overdone) chicken roast with mint sauce and Yorkshire puddings. This doesn’t seem fair.


So in typical manly fashion of weighing up whether mum does genuinely deserve to put the men in her life through such agony… I thought it was only right to look at the monetary value of Jonny’s £8.99 Downton Abbey Box Set. What is his return on investment???


Well it turns out that I really have no cause to write this blog whatsoever. Mum and Dad have spent their whole life working hard to be comfortable. To buy their 3 bedroom house WITH a garage, to have their family holidays every year in Sharm el Sheikh, and to eat out now and then. It turns out, and this is nothing new, but it is new to me, that all they ever really needed to do was to not have kids in the first place! Surprise Surprise… According to The Guardian, little Jonny has cost mum and dad…. Wait for it…


£222,438. And this is even more in Peterborough and the South East.


A downton Abbey DVD Box set really isn’t looking so bad. Not only should mum put her feet up but she should definitely make some demands! For little Jonny – its good for him! It’s dad that I feel sorry for…


Happy Mothers Day Peterborough! 

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