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Andrew is incredibly skilled at working and guiding people with a wide range of problems and disadvantage. His highly skilled and quiet gentleness opens up doorways for the exploration of the wonders of nature and the journey within ourselves. His knowledge and understanding of the landscape goes deep with an ability to integrate geography, ecology, history, mythology and spirituality in a rich and nourishing "cawl" (soup). It is an enlightening and healing pleasure to spend time journeying with him. Shon ap Tonnau (West Wales Action for Mental Health)
Andrew is a fantastic walk leader and mentor and I have had the great pleasure of enjoying his wide depth of knowledge about nature and Mindfulness. He is an inspiration to many and I look forward to participating and being involved with future endeavours.
Andrew is the leader for our successful nordic walking holidays and a fine job he makes of it. He is very personable and people enjoy his company. Not only is he a fine and patient instructor of nordic walking but his knowledge of Pembrokeshire and rich fund of stories about the area make him our go to guide of choice. And I know his personal guiding for one of our guests last year,Ann Roberts, the daughter of Nelson Rockefeller no less, here for her 80th birthday, was enthusiastically received. Julian and Jayne at Cuffern Manor.
Andrew is a total inspiration. His love of nature and his passion for the history and stories of the local area is infectious. He is an excellent guide, storyteller and teacher, and I feel lucky to have shared one of his journeys across Wales and through Pembrokeshire. Through his knowledge and his combination of joy and contemplation, he helps others to experience the land in a more profound way.
Andrew is a man who knows his inspirational guy! Heartily recommended.
I would recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a guide, storyteller or outdoor instructor in Wales. Having worked with Andrew over the past few years, there is nobody with more knowledge about the history and trails of West Wales, and he is a fantastic and friendly guide. He is also a great leader and faciltator of groups in the outdoors which I have seen on numerous occassions. All this combined makes Andrew's service unique and hard to find elsewhere.
What an inspiration Andrew is. He and his group rekindled my love of nature and reminded me how much Healing can be found all around us. Pembrokshire is such a outstanding County that you diserve to explore with someone who knows and loves it so well.
Andrew Dugmore, of Pembrokeshire Paths, is a wonderful guide to take you through South West Wales. He will also take you through time, explaining the history of Wales, it's culture, history and importance on the world stage through the ages; in a way that is not taught in our schools. I would recommend everyone talk a walk a some point, with Andrew.
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