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When do the clocks change?
When do the clocks change?
Can you wait for lighter nights and proper sunshine? It’s not long now.
A day for everyone to remember the millions of people killed in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.
The search has begun to find Oldhamers who are real stars in their community!
The 2015 Oldham Bookmark Festival is just around the corner
The Saddleworth and District Ferret Breeders and Turnip Growers Association (Affiliated) was formed twenty years ago to raise money for charity and the funny thing is that the majority of members don’t hail from Saddleworth, don’t own a ferret and rarely grow turnips.
You can recycle many household items at your local Recycling Centre on Arkwright Street, Oldham.
The Kingfisher Community Special School in Chadderton, Oldham has received another Grade 1 Outstanding certification from Ofsted.
Saddleworth Round Table created a Christmas Day for the senior members of the community who were less fortunate to spend Christmas without family.
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