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09 February 2009 10:27

Potential new clients

22 January 2009 14:03

Hi...I have had two really great meetings with a couple of businesses so far this week so thought I would tell you about them. I met with a man called Wally Hayley who runs a business offering financial advice in and around Nuneaton, his company is called

13 January 2009 10:52

Happy New Year to you all, I hope 2009 looks as exciting to you all as it does to me! The current credit climate is affecting everyone as we all know but I was relieved to hear in a seminar I attended last week that companies feel that to survive they n

28 November 2008 11:33

After a fairly busy month I thought it was about time I wrote on my blog again, apologies for the delay! I have been busy with sorting out both new and old customers and have been pleasantly suprised with how the local businesses are interested in promotin

03 November 2008 21:20

Just an update on the progress of the Nuneaton site, I have had a good couple of meetings this week so thought I would tell you about them.

First one with new client who has joined 'thebestofnuneaton' Charliz, they are an established shop in Attlebor

23 October 2008 15:34

Hi, I was out at a meeting with a lady called Caroline who runs a prom/evening dress shop in Nuneaton called 'Full Length and Fabulous' on Tuesday and was amazed by what she was showing me! If you like dresses girls (or men!) and have an event/special occa

19 October 2008 22:28

I have introduced thebestof Blog to Nuneaton to give the people of the town a voice and a valuable reource. My aim is to fill the blog with loads of info about Nuneaton i.e the best places to eat and shop, things to do, local issues and lots more.


Nuneaton Update

19 October 2008 22:11

Hi there, just had a spare few minutes so thought I would write a brief note on what I had achieved this week. Been to see Nuneaton Launderette who are a brand new customer of the best of nuneaton, I took the certificates into them and also the prize draw

16 October 2008 10:53

Hi, this is my fisrt time writing on my Nuneaton blog so bear with me! I have only just bought 'the best of nuneaton' business and am really pleased with how local businesses have responded to me. It is really great to go out there and meet with the fea

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