23rd October 2008
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Hi, I was out at a meeting with a lady called Caroline who runs a prom/evening dress shop in Nuneaton called 'Full Length and Fabulous' on Tuesday and was amazed by what she was showing me! If you like dresses girls (or men!) and have an event/special occasion/prom coming up then you MUST go and see her. The range is huge, prices great and even better than that she has just opened a brand new boutique on Queens Road which will be stocked with all the latest designer dresses, that will be available to hire. Why not look like a movie star for a night and wear a dress to match, I am telling you they are beautiful, she has the dress worn by Katie Price and is even trying to get Katie herself to formally open the premises. The designers are all well known and are worn on red carpets and at prestige events by TV stars/Wags, what a fantastic chance to wear an truly expensive and gorgeous dress for a very reasonable hire cost. Lets face it you could attend four/five events wearing designer dresses, all different, for the price it would cost you to buy just one and I don't know about you but I have a few long dresses hanging redundantly in my wardrobe. Ones that will probably never see the light of day again, just in case someone remembers I already wore it! So why not give her a call and arrange a viewing, the atmosphere is really relaxed, there is a huge changing area will large mirrors and you will not be pressured. The businesses will be featured on the best of nuneaton in the next week or so as I am just finishing off a few minor details with it and then it will be live. Anyway have to go and collect my little girl now so back soon, Lisa.
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