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Curveball Media, Norwich

I have come across OLP production work while in a conference, where I saw an animation video done by them, everyone at the conference asked to see it again and the actual product had an amazing exposure due to the animation.OLP are true professionals, I have hired their services to create a short animation to highlight tag-a-bag innovative and unique solution. Working with OPL was a real pleasure, they picked up the idea very fast and brought their own ideas as well, they are very good communicating the issues and the different options along the process and more importantly truly listen to feedback. We are very happy with the end result we got, and we receive a lot of compliments about the movie, that it delivers a clear message and is done professionally - this is exactly what we wanted to achieve when we hired OPL services! I highly recommend their services; they are great company to work with, honest, smart and creative. Ran Rosin Co-Fouder at Tag-a-Bag