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Black Belt Academy Martial Arts, Norwich

Last year I was searching for a suitable venue to study Tai Chi The Black Belt Academy was recommended Recommending a restaurant is difficult enough , but I had a good feeling I phoned and visited When you approach the building it is like finding a house you want to live in I signed up for the Wednesday evening session It has been a marvellous year The session has now been transformed into an over-40’s Tae-Kwan-Do Beginners session , which I will be signing up for [ I am 50 + ] The Academy offers a positive an inclusive atmosphere where individuals and families are encouraged to achieve at a personal level Nothing is a problem The teams work includes satellite venues , schools and other projects with young people The instructors’ are also encouraged to develop individual skills , teaching and business skills My translation of Master Vince’s philosophy : We can all swim from the stream to the sea , through rivers and lakes . We just swim . At the Academy , you are encouraged to ‘ grow ‘ your legs or wings , leave the water , challenge and engage with your world ; yet not to lose touch with the water Adapt and overcome For as long as I am in Norwich , or wherever I go in the World , I will remain grateful for the opportunity I have had to share my time with everyone at the Academy Thank you