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Fantastic academy and staff, transformed my fitness & focus. Not just fitness it’s a complete lifestyle. (five stars)
Caring, understand your goals & ambitions.
My daughter and I have been attending Master Richard Vinceʼ Black Belt Academy for 1 year.

We have enjoyed huge benefits.My daughter, is very focused on school work and several Black Belt Academy Instructors have become role models for her.

I have lost weight, toned up and enjoy excellent sleep patterns. As a former Senior Police Officer and maths teacher, I thought I had seen most forms of learning-wrong!Master Vince and his team are sensitive to individuals and always extract the best from you.

We will both acheive Black Belt in due course

I wish I had started this excellent art years ago!

Steve Gaskin
Last year I was searching for a suitable venue to study Tai Chi
The Black Belt Academy was recommended
Recommending a restaurant is difficult enough , but I had a good feeling
I phoned and visited
When you approach the building it is like finding a house you want to live in
I signed up for the Wednesday evening session
It has been a marvellous year
The session has now been transformed into an over-40’s Tae-Kwan-Do Beginners session , which I will be signing up for [ I am 50 + ]
The Academy offers a positive an inclusive atmosphere where individuals and families are encouraged to achieve at a personal level
Nothing is a problem
The teams work includes satellite venues , schools and other projects with young people
The instructors’ are also encouraged to develop individual skills , teaching and business skills
My translation of Master Vince’s philosophy :
We can all swim from the stream to the sea , through rivers and lakes .
We just swim .
At the Academy , you are encouraged to ‘ grow ‘ your legs or wings , leave the water , challenge and engage with your world ; yet not to lose touch with the water
Adapt and overcome
For as long as I am in Norwich , or wherever I go in the World , I will remain grateful for the opportunity I have had to share my time with everyone at the Academy
Thank you
The Black Belt Academy provides so much more than simply martial arts. They provide fitness, confidence, security and focus all within a friendly and supportive environment. The result has been very positive for my family (aged 9 to 41) - between us we hold two 1st Dan Black Belts, a Junior Black Belt, a second Brown Belt and a Brown Belt.

Master Vince and Mr Fitch are not only excellent instructors, but also great people and very positive role models. I really value being part of the Black Belt Academy ʼfamilyʼ and would recommend everyone - whatever age and level of fitness - to join in, reap the benefits and most of all have fun!
I really do recommend the Black Belt Academy as the perfect place to learn the balance between developing a martial arts skill, getting fit and also learning other skills such as control, discipline, self awareness, confidence and respect. Richard Vince and the Black Belt Academy teach in an easy to understand logical and controlled way and you always leave the sessions feeling motivated, exhilarated and looking forward to the next class.

Both my 7 year old daughter who has diabetes and I have trained with Master Vince and we both really enjoyed learning a martial art together. The confidence the lessons gave my daughter was incredible and I managed to lose a few inches too.

I recommend these classes to anyone who has always wanted to learn a martial art or simply wants to work out in a fun and safe way.
I have been going to classes at Master Vinceʼs Black Belt Academy now since the end of 2007 and would highly recommend it to anyone. It isnʼt just about learning to "kick and punch", there are so many different aspects. It builds confidence, teaches respect, care and good manners (not just essential for the kids these days!), it fuels the old grey matter and is good for fitness - there are many extra talks, self-defence classes, fun stuff like sumo-wrestling days and all sorts of other things. You also get to meet many other people of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and fitness levels. Everyone fits in and has a great time doing it. Serious stuff with a friendly, understanding and down-to-earth atmosphere... Oh and how often do us everyday plebs get the opportunity to be taught by a world sporting champion! Thank you Master Vince.
I would thoroughly recommend the Black Belt Academy. The instructors are professional, approachable and encouraging, and the students learn at a pace that’s appropriate to them. Martial arts takes you on a personal journey, and the safe, caring environment at the Academy allows you to discover your potential, while providing you with skills to enhance your life in the long term. Many of the physical and mental challenges you meet along the way are not encountered in other forms of exercise, and this makes learning martial arts particularly valuable and rewarding. If there comes a time when I no longer train, then Iʼll always remember the Black Belt Academy with great fondness and respect.
I have trained with the Black Belt Academy for more than 12 years now and it has been a great experience. Richard Vince is an excellent instructor and he has assembled a great team of colleagues who help to teach in his clubs. Richard has great patience with beginners and youngsters and the whole club works together to help individuals to improve. My kids started training first and then I joined in and I really enjoyed the fact that I could participate in sport with my children on an equal level. When you are doing kata (set forms) it doesnʼt matter whether you are 8 or 48. So come on Mums and Dads, get your kids involved to keep them fit and safe as they grow older; but donʼt just sit and watch them, get involved and train yourself!
I know Richard on a professional basis but my family and I have also attended classes at the Black Belt Academy.

I have the utmost regard and trust in Richard on a personal level and his professional experience speaks for itself.

Anyone looking for a personal trainer who is ethical, trustworthy, motivational and who can achieve amazing results should contact Richard without hesitation.
Richard Vince of the Black Belt Academy is passionate about helping people reach their potential. I have seen first hand how he has taken children who have very big learning difficulties or problems with co -ordination or with interacting with other people and helped them to achieve huge steps.
We have been to lessons at the Black Belt Academy, my son had his birthday party there and I know Richard Vince on a professional level. The birthday party was great fun - they especially loved cutting the cake with a samurai sword!

On a professional level I have the utmost admiration for Richard - for his philosophy and ethos - and that follows through into the lessons.

Anyone joining the Black Belt Academy, whether young or mature, male or female, can be assured of being in a very safe but fun environment where the emphasis is as much on personal development as on the technicalities of the martial arts.
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