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4th April 2012
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There aren’t many of us finding life particularly easy at the moment – every day we are hearing more tales of doom and gloom – fuel crises, apocalyptic weather, a poor economic climate... it’s sounding more like a disaster movie than a day in the life of a Northampton local!


Most of us are having to tighten our belts but there are some things that you mustn’t avoid paying. Protection for your home and family are absolute must-haves, especially when the concept of a ‘job for life’ is a long distant memory.


So who do you call on when it comes to finding a suitable mortgage or finally bow down to the pressure of taking out life insurance or critical illness cover (what is it about men that makes them unable to accept that they will actually die one day!?)


Located in the Wellingborough Road in Northampton, Mark O’Connor is the owner of Acorn Financial Solutions and a mortgage and insurance specialist. And before you groan and navigate away from the page, he isn’t any run-of-the-mill financial advisor! With a passing physical resemblance to Eric Morecambe and a love of Bruce Springsteen, he is a family man himself, and understands all too well the tightrope that is trying to balance the bills and still having enough money to enjoy life.


Therefore, he avoids the big business, corporate approach and instead finds what’s right for you, your family and your ever-changing circumstances.


Whether you are a first time buyer or looking to save money on your current mortgage, need life assurance, critical illness cover or property insurance, Mark is here to help, offering honest and impartial advice and, as his slogan states, ‘here for you now and in the future’.

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