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23rd September 2010
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I haven't blogged for a long time, but I'm getting back into the swing of it.  Haven't felt all that well recently - women of a certain age will identify with me - the blistering hot, sweaty betty's, then thinking you're going to explode like a catherine wheel coz you're so H-O-T, only to then shiver because the 'glow' you've produced has gone freezing cold on your body that you feel you're living in the Antartic!

Anyway, on top of that there was the 2 week strep infection to the nasal cavities and the chest.  All in all, not a great 2 weeks......BUT, I'm back! The one that 'should be obeyed' nicely packed off to Portugal for 5 days on a golfing thingymajig and I'm 'home alone'!

Just want to add my congratulations to the Cobblers for an excellent win last night against Man U.  What a fabulous result.  The place is buzzing because of it!

The Borough Council are auctioning the Lions tonight for charity, so I hope they raise loads.  My friends Sue from The Mailcoach and Victoria from Outcast are there helping out, so I'll find out more about it all tomorrow.  I was going to go there, but I have just started to learn the piano again and had my first lesson with Miles - excellent, who thinks he'll have me playing the blues by Christmas.  How exciting is that?

I have been thoroughly 'Bertied' by the great gals in Berties in Guildhall Road.  I spent 3 hours with them - feeling fair, fat, frumpy and definitely over the wrong side of 45.  But, with patience, a lot of laughs, a few cups of tea and many clothes later, I have emerged a new woman!  Me?  Leggings?  Skinny jeans? I don't think so, but do you know what?  They convinced me that Per Una is not the saviour of the world for the middle aged and quite frankly, I can really get that now!  I am now the proud owner of an autumn/winter wardrobe that ACTUALLY GOES TOGETHER.  I mean, I can MIX AND MATCH TO MY HEARTS CONTENT.  What a revelation. 

I have been 'out' now for 2 days in my new clobber and I can't tell you what a reaction I've had.  'Tall and slim', 'Love your boots', 'You look much younger' 'You look hot!' - the latter I think was because I was having the mother of all flushes at the time, so that's understandable.  Hey, but going from a very meak 'luke warm' to 'hot', in any menopausal womens language is just fine with me!!!

Maybe it's the HRT I've started taking, but am definitely feeling better - don't feel so much like I want to strangle the postman for delivering another bill, can actually be bothered to think about what we're having for dinner and can very nearly put my mind to hoovering the house.  All big steps forward for me at the moment!!!!! 

Oh, and the Richardsons called me today asking if I wanted to have a Ladies networking lunch at The Church.  Am thinking it would be a really good thing to organise!  Anyone interested?  I MUST BE GETTING MY MOJO BACK!

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