Grand Prix back in Northampton
9th December 2009
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The British Grand Prix is back in Northampton. Now most people would say, so what, I am not into Motor Racing, what a silly sport.

Northamptonshire, and all the businesses and individuals all gain big time from the extra revenue brought into our Town and region.

It is not just the hotels and restaurants and many other types of business that will benefit in Northamptonshire. Everyone will, the rich and glamour of motor racing is good for our Town and everyone around.

People will recognise the Town, more people will visit the area when here on motor racing business which means it helps put Northamptonshire on the map. You would be absolutely amazed the effect something like this can have on our economy.

Would it not be great if we had a 25,000 seater stadium on the edge of Northampton too? This could be used for football and rugby and concerts, if we had all seen the sense of such an investment many years ago, you never know Northampton could have been holding an olympic event here!

I would love anyones views on future investment for our Town.

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