Delivery of Magazine has been fabulous
5th August 2009
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Out and About in Northampton


Well the first lot of our new magazine came off the press yesterday and although I don't usually deliver them myself, I thought it would be good experience to do so today, so I've donned my jeans and tee-shirt (blimey, wasn't it muggy!) and truddled off Kingsthorpe and Far Cotton to deliver some of the 20,000 that we have printed.  What a day I've had!  The response has been phenonemal - really enjoyed meeting people, and have learnt absolutely loads about what's going on in the town that we call ours!  What interests me most is the people that I've met - they all have such different businesses, it's a pleasure to just chat to them.

Who have I seen today?  Well, let's see.... my first port of call was Lara Boot in Abington Vale, whom I now know is the Hairdresser of Martin White from 1Tech Computers!  Then I went to Homelands Florists because Laura is the 'FACE' of this magazine - and what a face it is.  I can't tell you how many CORR'S and WOW'S I received when people looked at the front cover!!  Then I went to see Tim Hunt and his daughter Jenny, from Apollo Blinds and bumped into a printer that once came along to one of our networking events.  Lolled up and down Kingsthorpe High Street and met up with Steve, from O'Riordan Bond who's friend is Paul Hemsworth's uncle.  He told me that Paul had been singing thebestofnorthampton's praises, which is always nice to know.

Trundled on to see Adrian at Smith's Farm Shop (who, incidentally, has recently bought a pineapple farm in Uganda!) - it's always good to see them down there.  Onto Sunley Management Centre (with a few pubs inbetween!) and then onto Far Cotton where I met up with Merryn Sharpe from Robinson Sharpe Financial Advisors, Andy Robins from Robins and Co Accountants, Judith from The Running Shop and some of the Hairdressers.  Called in to see The Jewellers Workshop and even managed to get to meet the guys and girls from The Giggling Sausage.  Sophie and Vera were a real good laugh!

Then back to the Old White Hart, where I bumped into Julian and Wayne and we had a real good chat about Edgbaston and the forthcoming test at Headingley this weekend.  We're off up there at the weekend, so I hope the weather holds up.


I have been so busy chatting with people that I haven't done my 'quota' of deliveries for the day - but it's been fantastic.  The magazine has been really well received and I think this is our best one yet.  Do look out for it and if you want a copy of it, then just email us at

I've still got about 800 to deliver (I've only done 120 so far!), but at leat 15,500 are being delivered by our distribution company, and 3,500 have hit businesses in Northampton today through Business Post. 


All in all, I've had a really good day.  I love days like this - just getting out there and seeing people!  Roll on tomorrow, when I do it all over again!

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