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24th April 2010
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Why is the Wellingborough Road looking so scruffy these days?

Just looking down the Welly Road this morning, it occured to me that it looks really tired.  There appears to be far more litter on the street and a lot of empty shops.  The empty shops don't help by having posters slapped all over the windows. 

If we could just get some colour in the place, it would be a more pleasant place to visit.  I mean, there are some really nice shops here and it used to be the nicest part of Northampton, but now it just looks dull, tired and down market.

Why don't the shop owners get together and buy some flower tubs to put outside?  Why don't shop owners do more to make their premises and the road in general more inviting?

It's all very well shop owners moaning about how poor business is, but to be honest, it's just as much their responsibility to give us, the buyer, what we want.

What do we want?  I'd say it was a safe, pleasant and colourful environment that actually makes shopping a pleasure - more restaurants, more cafes and better service.


What do you want Northampton to be?  Check this survey out and have your say about how you think Northampton should improve.  If these sorts of things are left to the Council and Business Owners, they will opt for lower rates, better security etc, but is that really going to drive us back to Northampton?  A BIG FAT NO, is what I'd say!

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