Bringing Harmony to the process of getting new business
28th July 2016
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Do you need to grow your business?

Do you need to do cold calls for sales prospects, but don’t like doing them?


Allow us to introduce to you – Harmonisation’s Sue.


Many people don’t like telesales and telemarketing and the very thought of cold calling brings them out in a cold sweat! But not Susan! She loves what she does for a number of reasons.


Why does she love it?

Sue loves communicating and helping her clients achieve their business and sales goals. She feels a part of their team, and takes pride in achieving tangible results and enhancing their relationships with their existing customers to ensure they never want to leave.


How does she do it?

Sue helps businesses to grow their sales pipeline by opening doors for them via cold calling to book appointments, following up sales leads after exhibitions and marketing campaigns. She also simply stays in touch with businesses’ valuable prospects and clients through regular communication and calling.


Existing Clients and Dormant Customers are undeniably valuable and often overlooked. Never underestimate the value of re-igniting previous customer relationships even if it is for important feedback.

Sue can help with re-establishing communication in a friendly, polite, traditional and authentic way, making sure clients and customers are well looked after, retained and valuable sales opportunities are explored and maximised. All the while, Susan makes sure everyone is happy in the Sales Cycle management.  


Her clients range from private banks and property brokers to HR consultants and IT specialists.

Below is a list of some of the services Susan offers:


  • B2B Appointment Setting Services

  • Cold Calling

  • Prospecting

  • Outbound Telesales

  • Lead Generation

  • Telemarketing

  • Data cleansing

  • Analysis of inactive customer database

  • Market research 

  • Exhibition and event support

  • Testimonial gathering 

  • Customer Feedback


To contact Sue from Harmonisation,


Tel: 07738095089


Or visit

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