Breaking NEWS: A Hot Air Balloon crashed yesterday in Northampton
23rd May 2016
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A hot air balloon at Earls Barton, Northamptonshire, crashed and burst into flames in a field. One of the passengers had burn injuries. There were eye witnesses who reported saying it passed an electricity pylon, and as it passed, they reported seeing sparks. The female passenger was 22 years of age and she suffered burns. She has no been taken to Birmingham at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


The pilot of the hot air balloon was a 64-year-old male, who remained uninjured. The hot air balloon came close to a car boot sale, which occurs in Earls Barton. The eyewitness, Ian, was quoted saying “we were at the car boot this morning at White’s Nursery, and a hot air balloon came over, and there was a lady and a gentleman. They were waving at everyone. It suddenly disappeared over towards the trees and then burst into flames and over towards the ground”.


Police have handed the enquiry over to Air Accidents Investigation Branch.

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